The Kitchen Center prides itself on providing an excellent detail-oriented experience to home owners, contractors and builders. Regardless of your prior kitchen cabinet or bathroom cabinet knowledge, our team is prepared to assist you with any and all steps of our full service process.

  • Custom kitchen, bathroom and storage design
  • Multi-unit projects, single-family homes and condos, office spaces
  • Competitive pricing, retail and wholesale


Ensuring a custom, accurate design starts with a walk-in, phone, or in-home consultation. All customers are welcome to walk-in during business hours, or outside of business hours with an appointment. Our showroom is equipped with model kitchens featuring all cabinet brands we provide. An in-home consultation involves a team member visiting your home/site to discuss layout options and take measurements.


Once we have established your measurements, the design process begins. Using cutting edge computer software, we can virtually lay out design options; including cabinet brands, heights, styles, colors, accessories, etc. Designs can include kitchens, as well as any bathroom cabinet and/or vanity requests. We will then provide high quality renders and quotes.


The final step in the process begins with contract signing. Once this is complete, your order is requested, processed and shipped directly from the seller to our warehouse, where it can be stored, picked up or delivered depending on customer requirements.